Press Release: Colorado Entrepreneur Launches Company to Mitigate Wildfire Damage in Colorado


Denver, CO. April 27, 2023. Entrepreneur and Colorado resident, Austin Gray, proudly launched Bear Claw Land Services with a focus on wildfire prevention. Through partnerships with Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado Timber Industry Association, Grand Wildfire Council, and the Firewise organization, the company hopes to mitigate future wildfire damage in Colorado.

Bear Claw Land Services Offers Wildfire Mitigation In The Mountains of Colorado

Austin Gray first made a name for himself in Colorado as a startup founder and acquisition entrepreneur.

Seeing firsthand the devastating wake of the East Troublesome Fire in his local mountain community, Gray immediately realized how important wildfire mitigation was for Colorado landowners.

He began researching wildfire mitigation practices and working with local fire authorities to learn about the most effective wildfire prevention techniques..

After implementing the Firewise wildfire mitigation strategy on his own mountain property, Gray then turned his focus to providing wildfire protection services for his neighbors and community in an effort to reduce the effects of wildfires in Grand County and surrounding areas.

By combining his prior experience with heavy machinery with his new knowledge of Firewise mitigation practices and his entrepreneurial spirit, Gray launched his newest company, Bear Claw Land Services, in Winter Park with the goal of expanding services to surrounding areas in Colorado.

With services aimed at the evaluation and reduction of wildfire risk factors for homes, the company has earned a local reputation as a trusted defense against the dangers of wildfires.

Wildfire Mitigation Has Become Crucial in Colorado in Recent Years

Colorado’s wildfire season lasts from May to September, and the severity of wildfire damage is increasing. Four of the five largest wildfires in state history occurred between 2018 and 2020.

Wildfire mitigation refers to processes that reduce the spread and occurrence of wildfires. The removal of trees, brush, and vegetation that could act as kindling in the case of fire serves as one of the most effective mitigation techniques.

Identifying Wildfire Risks

Recent studies have found that wildfires in residential areas typically begin as a result of embers in the air. Airborne embers and debris from wildfires in other areas can blow miles away from the original source, starting new wildfires that affect homes.

When embers catch on dry brush or dead trees, they grow rapidly, using the dry wood and vegetation to fuel the flames. Environmentalists have designated the 200 feet surrounding a building, known as the home ignition zone, as the primary source of issues for homes affected by wildfire.

Homeowners looking to take preventative measures against wildfires can have the area surrounding their homes evaluated and cleared with professional services from the team at Bear Claw Land Services.

An Innovative Approach to Wildfire Mitigation

Bear Claw Land Services has the equipment and expertise to perform safe and thorough removal services that reduce the risks of fires for homeowners.

The services follow the best practices of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) initiative for Firewise services. The team also provides homeowners advice for wildfire preparedness and the implementation of fire-resistant landscaping methods. Bear Claw Land Services follows a few steps for each service to effectively mitigate wildfire damage in Colorado:

• Removal consultation: During the first call from the customer, the specialists work to gather information about the conditions and vegetation in the area to evaluate the required removal services and equipment.

• Expert walkthrough: Customers walk through their property with the mitigation experts to discuss their needs, learning about proper maintenance and practices to reduce wildfires.

• Removal services: The team clears the land and performs the necessary brush and tree removal. These safe and effective removal processes mean customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional wildfire prevention.

For More Information

Austin Gray and his team serve their local community with services that provide protection from wildfires and related damages. To find out more about Bear Claw Land Services’ mission to mitigate wildfire damage in Colorado, please contact us by calling 970-363-4837 with any questions or concerns.


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