5 Things to Look for in a Land Clearing Service

Construction companies hoping to build a house in a wooded area or clear land for a new project may need a dedicated land clearing company to remove vegetation and trees. Additionally, preparing a new construction site might require ground leveling or grading, and a good land clearing company can often bring more than just chainsaws and a truck.

From tree removal to clearing brush, the best land clearing services will bring the right equipment and the right people power to your project.

So how do you find the right brush control and brush removal provider?

When researching a suitable land clearing company for your project, we have a few things we think you should consider.

And if you’re looking for a land clearing service near Winter Park, CO, we’d love to connect. Our experienced team understand various methods and approaches to land clearing, from forestry mulching to stump removal and tree services, to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to clearing and grading for access to your land.

But whether we work together or not, we want you to succeed! This guide can help you think through some basics to ask your prospective commercial land clearing company.

What To Ask (Or Know About) Your Land Clearing Specialists

Do They Truly Have Land Clearing Experience?

Unsurprisingly, any land clearing company you hire should back their business with a few years of experience and expertise. Land clearing is a complex process that involves dangerous machinery, hard work, and specialized techniques that can easily go sideways.


Land clearing, brush hauling, and tree removal services like these all can attract unskilled labor that simply has a truck and a chainsaw! You’re looking for expertise – not a fly-by-night service.

Ask your prospective provider how long they’ve been in the business, what kinds of mistakes they’ve made (and how they fixed them), if they’ve every cleared a property of your size, and really anything you can think of that would let them demonstrate some mettle – or let you sniff out the poseurs from the pros.

The Right Equipment

While a flat area with only a small tree or two may be do-able with more basic equipment, complex land clearing projects or areas with root systems, thick brush, and sloped land require more equipment, more experienced workers, and even some specialization.

Ask your potential service provider about the equipment they intend to bring on site.

Again, these businesses tend to attract any Joe Blow with a chainsaw and a rented dump truck. Working with a land clearing company that owns and operates a wide range of equipment – often including forestry mulching equipment and dedicated timbering machinery – can be a good idea for larger projects.

An excavator clearing ground

Ask About Their Safety Record 

It’s no secret that land clearing jobs are dangerous.

From heavy machinery designed to fell large trees and stumps to working in extreme weather, many factors contribute to the dangers of a land clearing worksite.

Ask your prospective service provider about their safety track record, and what or how they’ve handled emergencies in the past.

Any land clearing company that’s been around a little while will probably have had SOMETHING go wrong, and learning how or what happened, plus how they handled it and prevent it in the future, can tell you a lot about their thoughtfulness and commitment to safety on your land.

Ask For References from Other Customers

Asking for references from other customers may be one of your best options when identifying the best land clearing service.

Check reviews on the company’s website and Google Business Profile, and ask them if you can contact past customers directly! A good company with plenty of experience working in your area will be able to hand you some review referrals immediately.

(Check us out online! We don’t leave the job site UNTIL we’ve earned that five-star review!)

Ask About Pricing Early On

As with any project, how much land clearing costs is a consideration. And, the best land clearing companies will be 100% transparent about the price of your land clearing project.

Many land clearing companies start with a base rate of cost per acre, and this expense can increase (or decrease) depending on the level of debris removal necessary to clear an area. For areas with thick brush, complex root systems, and trees, removing these features could cost anywhere from $200 to $250 per acre. Another factor that impacts cost is labor. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour for expert land management services.

Finally, additional costs like renting equipment, land surveys, and ground leveling could supplement the initial fee. These services could cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Fortunately, most land management companies will create a comprehensive price that encompasses all these costs.

At Bear Claw Land Services, we’re committed to providing an accurate, transparent price for every land clearing job. After surveying your land and assessing the job, we’ll give you a precise quote for the project, no string’s attached.

A backhoe clearing land on a mountainside.

Ready To Work Together?

Now that you know what to look for in a land clearing service, Bear Claw Land Services might be for you.

Our commitment to upfront pricing and comprehensive land-clearing management and site preparation is why we continue to receive top ratings and five-star reviews from our clients in the Winter Park area.

For more information or to get a free estimate, call (970) 363-4837 for our ideas and insights, or to schedule a visit to your land today!


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